March 9, 2014

Ice Beaches and Dim Sum

To celebrate the start of my spring break and the end of Sara's, we headed out for some good ol' Toronto exploring.

It was the first balmy (and by balmy I mean we were barely out of the negative temperature range) day we've had in a loonngg time, so we decided that a stroll through Yorkville was just what the doctor ordered. 

We started out at a restaurant I've been meaning to try for a long time, Dynasty. 

Dynasty is a Chinese restaurant right in the heart of Yorkville that has some of the best Dim Sum in the city. 

We ordered an absolute feast of BBQ pork buns, ginger chicken buns, sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf with chicken, har gow dumplings, and golden sesame balls. 

Our eyes may have been a teensy weensy bit bigger than our stomachs. Whoops. 

 The har gow with the most delicious shrimp filling were my personal favourite!

In a close second were the BBQ pork buns.

I could eat these all fact I may have thought it was a good idea to shove a whole one in my mouth the minute they arrived. 

Gracefulness is apparently not one of my strengths.

We topped off the meal with the sesame balls and a last cup of green tea. 

In an attempt to not be filled with food guilt for the next week, we decided to wander through the Yorkville Icefest sculptures. 

Can I just say that whoever makes these is my new personal hero. They managed to make huge chunks of ice into such detailed sculptures...if that isn't art I don't know what is!

We drifted towards the beach themed sculptures to comfort ourselves over the fact that we won't be feeling the sand in our toes this spring break. 

   Oh well, at least we got an icey tiki bar!

Our good friend Jack (though you may know him as Mr. Frost) and his friend the giant sea turtle also consoled us in this troubling time. 

We even managed to set sail for the high seas!

It may not be the beach but all in all not too shabby of a start to this much needed holiday.

Love, Milly


  1. Mmm those pork buns look delicious! I can't even imagine how cold it must be over there though, here in NZ we're just coming out of summer and I'm sitting in my room shivering! xx

  2. Your food looks so good and those ice sculptures are truly amazing! Is there an ice sculpture contest held every year or something?

    That Curious Cat

    1. thanks Sam! Yup there's an annual competition, unfortunately I missed the actual carving of the sculptures this year:(

  3. The photos are amazing and the food looks delicious.
    You are so pretty! xo

  4. Cute post!! I really like your blog! I live close to Toronto. :)

    Please take a look at my new blog!

  5. Wow, those ice sculptures look amazing!

  6. The food looks very tasty. The ice sculptures are impressive!