February 28, 2014

Friday Favourites

In the words of Goldmember, I love gooollldddd. (Yes, I just quoted Austin Powers.)

Maybe you can tell why from my Friday Favourites...


This had to be first on a gold-themed Friday Favourites. Absolutely cannot wait for the show this weekend. I was looking for a ballot online to use in my family's annual Oscars competition, but none of the ones I found cut it. So, I made one just for all you lovelies! If you're hosting an Oscars bash think about pairing it with some Red (Velvet) Carpet or Buttered Popcorn cupcakes

2014 Academy Awards Ballot...let me know some of your picks for the night!

2) Anchor the Call Mug, $12.99

I know the only gold part of this mug is the rim, but I just love the anchor design to remind me that there's only three more months until summer. Currently, I'm so pale I'm starting to look like the newest edition to the Cullen clan.

3) What Are You Waiting Photo Necklace, $12.99

Somehow I've become even more of a shutterbug since starting this blog. This necklace is timeless and the perfect warning to strangers that my camera never leaves my hand. On the topic of cameras, I'm on the hunt for a really good SLR at the moment, so if you have any suggestions comment below!

4) ASOS Heighten Heel Sandals, $75.28

These beauties have been on sale for quite some time now. Like a doting mum I've been checking back everyday to make sure my size is still available and they look just as stunning as the day before. A perfect modern day twist on a classic black heel.

5) Free People Gold Cuff, $58

I know I already included a piece of jewellery but what did you expect with a gold themed post?! I've been really into big statement pieces like this distressed gold cuff to amp up otherwise plain outfits.

Love, Milly

February 26, 2014

Teppanyaki For Three

There are two types of foods I just can't resist: BBQ and Japanese.

Put the two together and you get one magical foodie experience: Teppanyaki

I went out to my favourite Teppanyaki restaurant this week with John and my Mum. I don't think I've talked about John before, but he's my mischievous little brother and the one who first introduced me to Yamato.

Yamato is another Yorkville treasure. When you first walk it seems like a downtown sushi cafe but as you continue on into the next room, you enter into a maze of grills and onion volcanoes (who doesn't love a good veg volcano?!)

The menu is very diverse, but I always turn immediately to the teppanyaki portion (the sushi is also excellent).

This time I went for the Ribeye Teriyaki which includes a miso soup, salad, grilled veggies, steamed or fried rice (is that even a question), and of course a perfectly cooked ribeye.

The miso and salad are quite standard so I'll skip right to the good stuff.

Up first is the fried rice...

I may or may not have just tried to grab that through the screen...

Next up is the veggies, including my favourite part...the volcano! (I really am a five year old...)

Such a yummy mix of onion, zucchini, peppers, carrots, mushrooms. The carrots are even cut up into little stars, talk about a dedication to perfection.

Now for the star of the meal, señor ribeye himself.

Mum and John got the New York Sirloin, but I think they were both secretly jealous of my plate of perfection...

Now, John being John claims that there are two separate stomach compartments: regular food and dessert. So while he may not have been able to come close to finishing his veggies, there was still plenty of room for green tea ice cream.

If that isn't solid reasoning I don't know what is.

If you haven't tried teppanyaki before, climb out from that rock you've been living under and light up your life with an onion volcano or two! 

Love, Milly

February 24, 2014

One For The Brits

You can probably tell by now that I am obsessed with all things British.

Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Albert and Victoria (greatest love story.ever.), Sherlock, the accents, the bands, the princes (Harry, I'm waiting...) you name it I love it.

But, my real love for Britain all started with tea.

My mum used to have people over for Sunday Tea all the time when we were little and it became by far my favourite meal of the day.

Nothing beats fresh berries, a pot of Yorkshire Gold, and of course scones.

I may have gone a little heavy on the whipped cream...

Here's how you can make your own delicious scones.

What you'll need...

2 cups of flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of butter (cool, cut up into very small pieces)
1 cup of cream

What you do....

Combine the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar

Cut in the butter--you basically want to cut it up into small little pieces and then crumble it into the dry ingredients as if you were making any other kind of pastry dough

Add the cream in and stir (with a spoon and then mix with your hands until the dough is in a ball)

Take the dough out onto a lightly floured cutting board and kneed it five to six times

Roll out the dough until it's about 1/2 an inch thick and cut out two inch round circles

Bake the scones at 375ºF/190ºC/gas mark 5, on a greased baking sheet for about 15 minutes

Place the scones about two inches apart on the baking sheet and turn them over after about 10-12 minutes

Serve with lots of freshly whipped cream and raspberry jam to your closest ladies in their finest high tea atire

Now if only I could convince Kate Middleton to pop over for tea next time she's on this side of the pond...

Love, Milly

February 21, 2014

Friday Favourites

What's black and white and red all over?

I'll give you a hint, it's not a newspaper.....and it's definitely not a sunburned zebra. (Who came up with that joke anyways?!)

It's this weeks friiiday faaaaavourites!

Shocker, I know.

1) Asos black and white Shoe Boots, $90.33

These boots are unlike anything I've ever seen. Not only is the print extremely unique, but the shape too. The black and white colours make them incredibly easy to wear them any season at any time of the day.

2) Nars Cruella Lip Pencil, $25

For the longest time I didn't go anywhere near a red lip because my mum said that along with my signature cat eye, I would look like a full blown harlot. Thanks Mom. I finally took the plunge this year and am in love with the look! This is my favourite pencil because of the deep colour, just make sure you exfoliate quite a bit beforehand or else everyone will be thinking about how chapped your lips are (...not exactly the attention you were going for).

3) Nasty Gal Moon Gazer Dress, $58

This dress is perfect for spring and summer. It's so light and airy but also extremely detailed and classy. The white will look especially fantastic once your skin gets a nice golden tan going in July and August. Can you tell I'm in summer withdrawal?

4) Bead of Roses Necklace, 19.99

The punny name of this necklace is reason enough for me to buy it. Besides that, I seriously need to upgrade my spring wardrobe. The best way to do this is on a budget is by getting a few basic, timeless tops and bottoms and then buying unique shoes and accessories like this necklace to change up your everyday look.

5) Chalkboard Mug

This last one actually doesn't have a price because it's a DIY. You take a basic white mug and some porcelain chalkboard paint and just go crazy! I don't want to write up a whole tutorial so you can find more detailed instructions at Wit and Whistle. If you're the uncrafty/lazy type (aka me) you can also buy a chalkboard mug online.

Sorry this friday favourites is so late! I am apparently the most technology unsavvy person.

Forgive me?

Love, Milly

February 19, 2014

Butter Tarts

The Olympics always have a habit of making me feel delightfully Canadian. I may not have been born here, but somehow Alex Bilodeau hugging his brother after receiving his medal, and Tessa and Scott being robbed of the gold still manage to bring me to tears. (I just can't suppress my soppy side...sorry!)

In light of this resurgence of nationalism, I thought I'd share with you a truly Canadian dish.

Butter Tarts.

Now, the name is certainly not the most appealing, but the taste is heavenly.

What you'll need...

Pie pastry (I made my own but otherwise buy enough to fill 16 muffin cups)
1/2 cup of golden raisins
1/4 cup of soft (sweet) butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 pinch of salt
1/2 cup of corn/golden syrup
1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla

What you do...

Prepare the muffin pans by rolling out pie dough and cutting (approximately) 4-inch wide circles; fit the dough into the muffin pan and either set aside in the fridge (or on a cool windowsill if you don't have the space) until you're ready to fill them.

Place the raisins in a small bowl and cover with hot tap water; let these stand on the counter for 30 minutes.

In a large bowl, mix together the soft butter, brown sugar, salt, and corn syrup.
Stir until all sugar is dissolved and butter is creamed.

Mix in the egg and vanilla.

Add a small handful of raisins to each muffin cup.

Pour this batter into each of the muffin cups (atop the raisins).

These were quite shallowly filled so if you want more batter per tart, make 12 instead of 16 (using the same amount of batter).

Pop these into the oven at 200ºC/400ºF/gas mark 6 for 15-20 minutes.

The filling should still be bubbling when you pull the tray out.

Let the tarts cool in the tin for about 10 minutes then place them on racks to cool completely.

Serve with tea and a reminder to everyone that these are healthy on account of the raisins.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Love, Milly

February 16, 2014


This past weekend I became a true Canadian and went skiing for the first time.

This picture is by far my favourite of the bunch. The light was extraordinary the entire day, something which I really miss enjoying when I'm in the city.

Don't get me wrong, I love the city, but every now and again I envy those who get to experience natural beauty like that everyday.

Back to the skiing, since my family is not exactly the sporty (or winter) type, I spent the day with my 'adoptive family.' 

I've mentioned Ellen as my absolute best friend quite a few times now, but I'm also extremely close with her family...I've actually come to not so secretly call her mum, Clare, my bestie. 

They're some of the kindest people I've ever met and gladly welcomed me to their family outing to Horseshoe Valley.

From left to right that's Clare, Ellen, Oscar (Ellen's brother), and me. Somehow Oscar is five years younger than me and already taller...not okay!

Anyways, back to Horseshoe Valley, I don't exactly have much to compare it to, but I have to say it was the perfect place to start my skiing experience.

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, there's a couple of little cafes and restaurants to warm you up in between runs, and for the experience you get, the prices are to die for.

All in all it ended up being about $100 for an afternoon pass (1-10), a lift pass, and ski, boot, and helmet rentals. 

I started out on the bunny hill and almost peed myself as I zoomed down, unable to turn to slow down. Luckily no small children were hurt in the making of this blog post.

Next, I tried the lift up to the bunny hill and could not figure out how to get off without sliding down on my butt. At least I was laughing at myself along with everyone else.

By the third bunny hill run, I had gotten the hang of it and it was time to move on to the next challenge....Donkey Serenade.

Yes, there is a hill called Donkey Serenade.

You can see why Clare is my favourite person in the whole world...

We took the wrong lift the first time up and ended up having to go down what I've named the 'Hill of Death' to get to Donkey Serenade, in which I completely somersaulted and lost both skis on the way down.


The next time we found a much more scenic route to the hill

This picture does not do it justice. The sun slowly going down was one of the prettiest sights I'd ever seen.

The third run, I finally didn't wipe out. Hurrah! 

By our last run of the day, the sky was absolutely beautiful. Even though my fingertips felt like they had frostbite it was well worth it to capture this moment at the top of the hill.

I finished off on the most spectacular note, zooming my way down, swiftly passing by Clare and Ellen and feeling as if I was ready to take on Alex Bilodeau. (Maybe next time...).

My inexperience re-emerged as I got lost on the way back in and luckily one of the many laid back staff members took pity and helped me return my boots and skis. 

On the way back we snuggled up in fuzzy blankets and watched the last bit of the sun disappear.

I'm so sad to have started skiing so late in my life and in the season because this day is now by far my favourite winter memory.

My legs (more like entire body)woke up quite sore the next morning, but it was well worth it to have finally experienced this bit of Canada.

Love, Milly

February 14, 2014

Friday Favourites

Maybe it's Valentines Day cheering me up, but lately I've been unphased by the winter dreariness and instead dreaming about the arrival of spring. I know, a little cheesy but hey, a girl can dream.

 So, here are my take on friday favourites, spring edition.

Tanya Burr has just come out with a lush collection of lip glosses and nail polishes. The polishes in particularly have been receiving amazing reviews for being chip resistant. I'm obsessed with 'Little Duck' as the perfect shade for spring.

I have a habit of not working unless I'm surrounded with pretty things. Call me vain, but it's true! These pencils are incredibly cute and the perfect reminder to remain smart, charming, kind, stylish...you get the picture.

In my opinion, a jean jacket is a spring staple. It goes with absolutely anything and depending on the wash can add an element of edginess, preppiness, the list goes on and on. I have my eye on this Topshop looker for spring. 

Sadly these are out of stock at the moment! I'm desperately hoping they come back in soon because they are possibly the cutest spring accessory I've laid my eyes on.

5) Erika Ray Bans, $145

Again, a spring staple. Cannot wait to get my hands on these for next season.

Hope the weather's shaping up for some of you! Let me know what spring looks you're looking forward to trying.

Love, Milly

February 11, 2014

Belle of the Ball

At least in Toronto, around this time of year schools have their "semis" and "formals." I'm not actually quite sure why only my schools is called a formal since we have an entirely separate prom but that's another topic all together.

Well, this past weekend I had my last ever formal.

So I thought I would pop up a couple of pictures and share some looks for those of you who have similar events coming up or are simply looking for a dress for an upcoming occasion...valentines day anyone?

I'm a bit more curvy so I really liked this lace Guess dress. It was extremely comfy, showed off what I got but still remained tasteful. The dress also has a beautiful low lace back which I fell in love with.

You can't see them on me in this picture but I paired it with these 5 inch suede blue pumps since I'm sadly a shrimp in the height department.

Add a little cateye with black stila eyeliner and voila.

This next look is more modern day Gatsby..
Absolutely in love with this tfnc dress paired with side swept soft waves. Finish it off with nude pumps to lengthen your legs and keep the eyes on your delightfully sparkly dress.

This is the 'daddy's litte girl' look with just a hint of edge

With it's back bow and baby blue tone, you can't get much sweeter than this Asos dress. Rough it up a bit with beach waves and a smokey eye with hints of blue.

This final look is by far my favourite of the bunch...sadly I didn't see it before my own formal

This Nasty Gal dress is edgey, playful, and sexy all at once. Big black platforms and a sleeked back, slightly tousled ponytail finish the look.

Finally, for some advice. Don't get caught up in having to bring someone. I ended up going stag with a couple of girlfriends and had the best night of my life.

Girls who were set up on the other hand ended up either babysitting their dates or not talking to them the entire night. Sure, if you have a close guy friend or you're the lucky gal with a boyfriend, take them.

If not, let loose, take pictures, dance your ass off, and enjoy.

Love, Milly