February 11, 2014

Belle of the Ball

At least in Toronto, around this time of year schools have their "semis" and "formals." I'm not actually quite sure why only my schools is called a formal since we have an entirely separate prom but that's another topic all together.

Well, this past weekend I had my last ever formal.

So I thought I would pop up a couple of pictures and share some looks for those of you who have similar events coming up or are simply looking for a dress for an upcoming occasion...valentines day anyone?

I'm a bit more curvy so I really liked this lace Guess dress. It was extremely comfy, showed off what I got but still remained tasteful. The dress also has a beautiful low lace back which I fell in love with.

You can't see them on me in this picture but I paired it with these 5 inch suede blue pumps since I'm sadly a shrimp in the height department.

Add a little cateye with black stila eyeliner and voila.

This next look is more modern day Gatsby..
Absolutely in love with this tfnc dress paired with side swept soft waves. Finish it off with nude pumps to lengthen your legs and keep the eyes on your delightfully sparkly dress.

This is the 'daddy's litte girl' look with just a hint of edge

With it's back bow and baby blue tone, you can't get much sweeter than this Asos dress. Rough it up a bit with beach waves and a smokey eye with hints of blue.

This final look is by far my favourite of the bunch...sadly I didn't see it before my own formal

This Nasty Gal dress is edgey, playful, and sexy all at once. Big black platforms and a sleeked back, slightly tousled ponytail finish the look.

Finally, for some advice. Don't get caught up in having to bring someone. I ended up going stag with a couple of girlfriends and had the best night of my life.

Girls who were set up on the other hand ended up either babysitting their dates or not talking to them the entire night. Sure, if you have a close guy friend or you're the lucky gal with a boyfriend, take them.

If not, let loose, take pictures, dance your ass off, and enjoy.

Love, Milly


  1. So pretty! Gorgeous looks too - I posted a valentines gift guide on my blog :) I just love valentines day!

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

  2. Wow, you and your friends look gorgeous! I love your dress!


    1. thanks Tife! it was honestly such a steal

  3. Modern day Gatsby - great inspiration!

  4. i hope you had a wonderful time at your formal!
    great outfit picks

  5. I love that baby blue dress, super cute!

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

  6. I just came across your blog today and it is wonderful. Loving every post I've read so far!


    1. thank you! so happy you like it:)

      xx Milly