February 6, 2014

Museum Tavern

I know I know I already did a Winterlicious post but this week I headed out to the Museum Tavern for a taste of their Winterlicious lunch menu.

The tavern's sort of an upscale pub. Extremely rustic and extremely cozy.

And get this, the lunch menu, for three courses, is only...

$15. That's right five dollars a course. Winter is getting more and more bearable by the minute.

Added bonus...you get one of these baby's...

I'm getting ahead of myself, first off the appetizers.

Since I had already decided before I got there that I was gorging myself on one of their delicious cheeseburgers, I started off with something a little more light.

The Albacore Tuna Tartare is extremely fresh. I will say that the tuna gets a little lost in everything else but still so yummy.

The real star was the perogies.

No matter if you're going to try out the Winterlicious menu or their regular menu, you have to try the perogies.

And yes, they are smothered in sour cream, onions, and bacon (lots and lots of bacon) just as every perogie rightfully should be.

Now on to the main course...

The Hearts of Romaine Salad with duck confit ended up being a ceaser salad overly dressed with duck. Don't get me wrong, normally I love duck, but it just didn't seem to fit in.

 Personally, I have no idea why someone would choose the salad when they go to a restaurant with the word tavern in the name, but hey that's their decision.

I was much more inclined to a good ol' fashioned cheeseburger....

I'm practically drooling just reliving this moment...feel free to join in.

The burger was perfectly smokey yet juicy and paired with some of the best fries.

Again, drooling at the sight of these crunchy, salty goodies.

For dessert we both had the carrot cake. So moist and fluffy-the perfect end to the meal

Definitely planning on going back to the Museum Tavern to try the full menu. I've heard the spaetzle in the House Crafted Sausage is the best in Toronto.

You can find the website and full menu here

Not exactly a place to eat clean, but who needs that when it's hibernation season?

Love, Milly

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  1. Looks tasty! The salad looks funny--so much cheese :) But it's kind of cute, right?