February 14, 2014

Friday Favourites

Maybe it's Valentines Day cheering me up, but lately I've been unphased by the winter dreariness and instead dreaming about the arrival of spring. I know, a little cheesy but hey, a girl can dream.

 So, here are my take on friday favourites, spring edition.

Tanya Burr has just come out with a lush collection of lip glosses and nail polishes. The polishes in particularly have been receiving amazing reviews for being chip resistant. I'm obsessed with 'Little Duck' as the perfect shade for spring.

I have a habit of not working unless I'm surrounded with pretty things. Call me vain, but it's true! These pencils are incredibly cute and the perfect reminder to remain smart, charming, kind, stylish...you get the picture.

In my opinion, a jean jacket is a spring staple. It goes with absolutely anything and depending on the wash can add an element of edginess, preppiness, the list goes on and on. I have my eye on this Topshop looker for spring. 

Sadly these are out of stock at the moment! I'm desperately hoping they come back in soon because they are possibly the cutest spring accessory I've laid my eyes on.

5) Erika Ray Bans, $145

Again, a spring staple. Cannot wait to get my hands on these for next season.

Hope the weather's shaping up for some of you! Let me know what spring looks you're looking forward to trying.

Love, Milly