February 3, 2014

Winterlicious Sassafraz

Something miraculous has happened to me. I have finally discovered the magical land of Winterlicious.

Maybe it's not really a magical land, but it is a reason for me to try the most delicious restaurants in Toronto at a fraction of the usual price. And that makes it pretty magical.

Every winter, hundreds of restaurants in Toronto create fixed-price lunch and dinner menus as part of Winterlicious. Lunch ranges from about $15-$25 and dinner from $25-$45 and include an appetizer, entree, and dessert. A meal for a deal! My favourite!

To break out of the winter blues, I headed down to Sassafraz in Yorkville with Ellen for my first taste of Winterlicious.

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Sassafraz is normally extremely expensive (you can find the menu here) with three course lunches starting at around $40. So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that they would be offering a $25 Winterlicious lunch menu....is it time for a happy dance yet?

Sassafraz's Winterlicious lunch and dinner menu can be found here.

I started off with the purple watercress salad. For some reason it's not listed on the Winterlicious menu online but it is de-lish!

Ellen started off with the red pepper and smoked tomato soup. So good.

For an entree I ordered the Harrison Co-op artisanal chicken breast and Ellen the Bell pepper risotto. 

It took quite a while to come out but was by far the most moist yet crispy chicken I've ever had. In Ellen's and mine there was just so much flavour packed into every bite...prepare for a foodgasm.

By this part of the meal we were so stuffed that we couldn't remember our own names let alone our already ordered desserts. 

But we happily embraced the spirit of surprise as we were greeted with heavenly raspberry cream roulade and warm chocolate cake.

As Ellen so whimsically put it, this mouse is so fluffy that "it's like eating a cloud." Perfect to lighten things up after having quite a heavy entrée.

Most adorable homemade pistachio marshmallow

Overall we were so pleased with the meal. It was very crowded when we first came in--I mean every table in the cafe was filled--so service was slower than we had expected.

We ended up arriving for our 1:30 reservation and not leaving until around 3:30, and even by then it was still quite full.  

Some of the best lunch I've ever experienced even if the wait was a little longer than I'd hoped for. For anyone wondering where to kick off Winterlicious, look no further than Sassafraz.

Love, Milly


  1. That marshmallow looks delicious! Was the marshmallow itself pistachio flavored?

    1. sadly no, the pistachio was only in the white chocolate coating...but still so yummy!