January 31, 2014

Friday Favourites

I've seen a feature like this on quite a few other blogs and it's always one of my favourites to read, so here we are: my friday favourites.

1) Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, $44 (1.7oz)

I may be a little biased towards this moisturiser since it's the same one I've been stealing from my mum since I was 12 (sorry mum!). But in all honesty it's the perfect remedy for dried out winter skin.

2) Topshop Aline Skirt, $72

This is a little pricey, but it's the perfect winter staple. When it's this cold it's incredibly easy to end up wearing jeans everyday. Every now and again throw in a skirt like this and some thick black tights to have the perfect combination of winter style and warmth.

3) Gun Alarm Clock, $14

Okay this one's a little out there, I'll give you that. But come on, imagine waking up every morning to a little (laser) target practice...all you need now is a James Bond to wake up next to!

4) Cashmere Anchor Scarf, $105

Again, a little pricey, but for me a dreamy cashmere and anchor combination is well worth it.

5) Hidden Animal Mug, $29.30

I'm a not so secretly closeted Brit with makes these just my cup of tea. Added bonus, they're beary cute. (I'm sorry I couldn't resist!)

Had so much fun doing this post, let me know what you think x

Love, Milly


  1. Need to invest in some more Clinique Thirst Relief it is so great at this time of year for dry skin, I've had my eye on that skirt for ages you are right it is such a winter staple x


  2. I love the skirt..so cute!

    The Cutielicious