January 15, 2014

School Bag Lust

I seemed to have developed a minor (or very major...) obsession with all things tote related. According to my family I'm getting to the point where an intervention will soon be in order, but believe me, my hunt is justified!

I've been carrying around the classic L.L.Bean backpack since the tender age of three when I first started junior kindergarten (because by three us Canadians require an educational outlet to learn the art of finger painting).

My tastes nowadays seem to be veering away from the knapsack style....or at least the L.L.Bean one.

So, to make this obsession productive, I thought I'd share my current lust list of 'school' totes and knapsacks.

Prada 'Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote' ($2677)
I am praying for a miracle when it comes to this being my graduation present. It is the go-to, day, night, school, work, bring it to everything, everywhere tote.
                                                     Rebecca Minkoff 'Medium MAB Tote' ($338)
I'm strangely in love with coral at the moment but it also comes in a number of other colors

This is in 'Navy' but the 'Oxblood' and 'Vintage' are also lovely

For a more of a traditional backpack feel....

Santa Cruz Leather Backpack ($272)

The backpacks of backpacks and sadly another bag which will always remain on my lust list and not my closet *sigh...

If anyone else has found a school bag on a budget, take pity...I seem to forever be stuck in this hopeless search!

Love, Milly


  1. If I could get my hands on a Prada Saffiano it would be a happy happy day. I also think the Santa Cruz backpack is really cute.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha you clearly share my obsession with puns Sam!