January 2, 2014


Every year I tell myself I'm going to keep my weight loss resolutions, but somehow by mid-January they always end up in my rubbish bin. Soooo here's a couple of tips to keep in mind when crafting your yearly promises...

1. Don't set an unreachable goal

Instead of resolving to lose 10 pounds, resolve to get (and use!) a membership to a new gym you've been hearing about for weeks or sign up for a hot yoga class with a couple of the usual fellow resolution-breakers

2. Invest in your resolutions

It's proven that you're more likely to complete a goal if you spend money on it first. So put your money where your mouth is and check these leggings, tank, and jacket for a bit of motivation. If you're in to dance classes, I've heard these new Nike dance flats are amazing!

3. Buddy Up

Make a plan to workout with a friend so that you can motivate each other--that way you won't just be letting yourself down when you feel like cancelling for a bag of chips

Good luck with all your resolutions!

Love, Milly

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