January 23, 2014

Tokyo Sushi

Even though sushi is something which you can now find just about anywhere, I still think the best comes from Tokyo Sushi .

 If you're looking for a fancy Japanese bistro, then Tokyo Sushi is definitely not your cup of sake (get it), but if you're looking for clean, simple, fresh sushi then there's no where better.

My mum began taking me here when I was little and it had no more than 5 tables. They've expanded since then but still have that cozy quality I love.

So, Ellen and I decided to make study day sushi day and headed out in what seemed like a full blown snowstorm. At this point I'm pretty sure Canada should just be recognized as part of the Arctic.

I usually indulge with the Chirashi Don because the fish is so fresh, but in the hopes that I will soon be able to remove my parka for the first time in four months, I opted for a Red Dragon Roll and we split an order of gyoza.

Ellen had the curry udon which sounds so strange but was delicious and a much needed burst of warmth.

And, of course, lots and lots and lots of steaming green tea.

Sadly, no green tea ice cream for me today but I speak from experience when I say it is divine.

You can also sit at the bar and watch the sushi be made which was always my favourite part.

We had to scurry to the library to at least try and justify our outing, but all over the walls there are signed pictures of stars (Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellan...anyone else noticing a particular mutant theme?) who have visited which proves just how good Tokyo Sushi really is.

A hidden treasure in Toronto that everyone should visit.

Love, Milly

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  1. I am a complete slave to Japanese food so naturally love this post! :) I've never been to Toronto but will bookmark this for future reference! <3

    <3 Mandy xx