January 10, 2014

A Crêpe Farewell

One of my favourite Toronto lunch cafés is Crêpes à GoGo.

It's a small family-run crêperie in Yorkville (they also have a downtown location just West of the ROM). Sara and Yasin are sadly heading back to uni in a couple of days so we thought a proper sisterly outing was in order beforehand.

Maybe it was just our excuse to get crêpes...

To start off I always get Limonana. It's an all natural mint and lemon beverage which is divine served hot, cold, or anywhere in between. It's made by Crêpes à GoGo so you can get it at either of the locations, but I also like to pick up a bottle from time to time at Pusateri's (I've only bought it at the Yorkville location so not sure if they carry it at their other locations).

But the real star of the meal is always the crêpes. I started off with the Côte d'Azur, a crêpe filled with goat cheese, tomatoes, and basil, and a drizzle of olive oil--deeeeelish!


These pics do not to do it justice!

Buuuuut, at Crêpes à GoGo you can't just have one crêpe...afterall, sweet and savoury were meant to be eaten together. So, Sara and I split a Tartinade to finish up. It's filled with tartinade (a homemade version of Nutella) and strawberries (you can also get banana). Pick up a jar of tartinade on the way out, that way you can eat guilt-free (kinda...) nutella aaaallll day long!

So to say goodbye to my nearest and dearest, crêpes it was! Hopefully the silver lining will be that they take the cold with them....please?

Love, Milly

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